Entry #15

I made a game for Valentine's Day!

2017-02-13 22:51:30 by Rarykos

Hello everyone!

I spent the last couple of days making a short puzzle game about piecing your life together. It's based on my feelings and recent events in my life so I don't know how other people will take it...
I tried to make it fun and cute and I hope you will have fun 5 minutes with it!


Happy Valentine's Day! :*




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2017-02-13 23:15:50

Can you make me a gf

Rarykos responds:

i wish i could man, i wish i could


2017-02-14 13:50:22

Saw this on the NG twitter, had to come over here just to tell you that this is a really interesting game, great job!
The tweet btw :

Rarykos responds:

Oh my! Thank you! :) Newgrounds tweeted about my game, what the world has come to!