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Rarykos's News

Posted by Rarykos - 2 weeks ago


Let me get this straight. So your algorithm thinks my game violates "a policy" but you won't tell me which one.

-Sir, please step out of the vehicle. Do you know why I stopped you?


-Me neither, here's 200 pages of bullshit legalese, find something.

I LOVE their solution to this problem. Actually got a mail saying:

"Fix whatever violates any policy and upload the game under new name, obviously your earnings are gone."

Dude, maybe take some responsibility, you're taking 30% of my earnings, can I at least talk to a fucking person?

Fuck man, just when we were done with the game, preparing a final free update that's about to go live in 2 weeks, just commissioned an artist for an awesome banner and life... just fucking... gets me again. :(

Here I was writing a postmortem about Mars. About to tell you that this year I'd be able to sustain myself from the game. Interesting projects could be made on time. I have Winter Falling to finish and if I can work on it fulltime I should be done THIS YEAR.

Don't know what I'll do now. Probably work on Winter Falling until my savings run out and starve to death.

Just felt an immense urge to tell you this story, in case you needed a reason to hate giant corporations.

In other news: the Chinese got me, I'm sick and hiding from my discord community until I feel better. :<



Posted by Rarykos - December 24th, 2019

That's all. Just some wishes. Hope you have a good time today/tomorrow!

This year was very interesting and exhausting for me but most importantly very fruitful. Worked on some games, finished some games, did some client work, didn't die of starvation. Now that I know what a year like this feels like I'd wish you all a nice fruitful year that you can be proud of!

In the spirit of Christmas for this nice community I'd like to give you some keys. For the puzzle game I've designed, it's currently on Steam Winter Sale! https://store.steampowered.com/app/977230/Mars_Power_Industries_Deluxe/

Just PM me for a key and I'll give you one Mars Power Industries Deluxe. Let's be honest I hate these forced interactions like "write something and then maybe you'll get it". And I can't just put keys here because someone claims them all on a shitty key-seling site like g2a and then nobody gets the free key and I have to pay Steam additionally for fees. :<

So I'm currently spending time with family. Going back to work on Winter Falling, should be done in January. A new update for Mars. Back to Workidle. It should be a good year next year!

Merry Christmas!



Posted by Rarykos - November 4th, 2019

The day is here! Mars Power Industries is done.

Took 2 years to get to this point, to make a playable puzzle game and an expanded deluxe edition for Steam. I said I'd share some numbers so here we are.

Over the last year since release this is what Mars earned on mobile:


This is what the sales are on Google Play. A little over $1k over the year.


This is for Apple. We got featured a couple of times and got Game of the Day. And because of this human curation we earned 17 time more than on Google Play.

When we're talking about expectations for Steam....


This is what 600 wishlists look like, that means Mars should sell 300 copies in the first week and 2400 copies over the first year. Pretty humble. But in all these cases the amount of work that goes is way over the result. Sometimes you get lucky and get featured, but usually the effort is a dud.

For context, all these numbers are to be split 4-ways. So for me, for designing, scoring and leading the team, I'll get $5k. For 2 years of work. And it is unpredictable, annoying work very often that makes you work late in the night.

Okay, so much for complaining!

I hope you enjoy the game and you can check out the DELUXE edition here on Steam:


Perhaps I could completely sell out and promote the Switch version done by another publisher based on our game, but honestly, I can't give their version my seal of approval. Sometimes you get a good deal from a publisher and sometimes the publisher is an amateurish irresponsible prick. I just think it needs to be said. Too many people shy away from saying the truth, in case somebody gets insulted and a bridge in the industry might be burned, but screw that! :<

If you have any questions, I'm all ears, although I'm going on holidays with my family now to finally RELAX!



Posted by Rarykos - October 18th, 2019

Steam - https://store.steampowered.com/app/977230/Mars_Power_Industries_Deluxe/

Ho ho ho!

January 2018, me and my 3 friends got together for a Global Game Jam. The goal - learn Unity, try to make something. Made a tiny puzzle game. Fast forward 20 months, the game grew to 97 levels, 5 hours of gameplay. We got a publisher for Switch, we're releasing on Steam ourselves. Failed on Google Play. Featured and Game of The Day on Apple. What a rollercoaster!

Let's talk how we got here!

Learning Unity is a pain. I'm an artist/programmer. I don't care for clean code. I care for results. In 72h during the jam we made a barebones puzzle game. Puzzle games are easiest to make (hint). So we had me as designer, our friend who made pixel art and our 2 programmer friends. Collaborating in Unity is terrible. Knowing what I know now, you shouldn't have more than 2 programmers on a team, simply because communication takes more time than developments at that point. Making interfaces in Unity..... AH.... The jam was a success. But it was a bad game.

Worked for a year to make a game out of it.

We made our first "complete" version in like 10 months. Working after hours. It was okay. 40 levels. 1 hour to finish. Put it on iTunes. Featured. Put it on Google Play. Flopped completely. We've been expanding it over the next 10 months to make a better version of it.

Got contacted by a publisher.

Said they wanted to port it to Switch. Okay. Here's a lesson. Read the contract thoroughly. My friends in the industry learned this the hard way. Make sure there are penalty fees if the publisher is late or doesn't deliver what they promised. Most publishers these days want to scam you. Take a slice of revenue, never invest their money. Don't trust most publishers. Better take a PR guy or an agency, we live in the times when customers decide what's popular not publishers or journalists. You need someone who can do marketing and SEO, who can prepare actual promotional assets. Not just talk about it. Not just promise to hire someone.

After 2 years of hard work, the game is finally finished. The DELUXE edition with more levels and music etc. is coming to STEAM and Switch. Steam releases on November 4th. Switch releases on Christmas.

How much have we earned?

I'll let you know in 2 weeks when I've compiled all the data.

For now, I can tell you that over the year the iOS version sold 25k copies.

Roughly $17k revenue. Divide by 4 people. Kinda bad. But other channels are more interesting!

I'd like to thank you, many people in this community helped me test Mars and provided valuable feedback. You've also played my other games and kept me going through really bad times. Thank you!

Wishlist the game to help us!

Steam - https://store.steampowered.com/app/977230/Mars_Power_Industries_Deluxe/



Posted by Rarykos - July 26th, 2019

So 3 months ago was battle for Winterfell!

And I was so disappointed with their hollywood representation of a battle that I made my own little battle simulator.

(gifs below)

Play it here:

Are you smarter than a hollywood screenwriter?

You can place your army where you want, and NOT MAKE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE of putting your catapults in front of infantry...

There are 3 levels, each with a slightly different undead army and more difficult.

The goal is to survive long enough for a deus ex machina to arrive!

I hope you have fun!






Posted by Rarykos - March 23rd, 2019


You know me, I make little web games.

But this time I collaborated with my programmer friend and we made an idle tycoon game.

It's called WORKidle: Create Your Dream Games.

We're done with the boilerplate menus and upgrades etc, now we're adding the game design layer and the fun stuff.

So we need testers!

Beta Test links

We don't have a web version yet :(

iOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/KQFwcZms

Android: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.sevenagames.workidleclicker

We don't have a publisher so we're pretty much doing whatever we want. And that means that your input basically changes the game. It's 50% done. Should be done in the summer!

Let me know what you think! :D



Posted by Rarykos - December 23rd, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and whatever else!

I'd like to give back to the community here that supported me. I grew up here. And I'm still making little web games sometimes. But mostly, the time I've spent here let me get a job in EA and SUPERHOT and now I'm designer who can pick and choose which jobs I'd like. This is incredible and if you'd told the teenage me that this would be the future, I wouldn't believe it! So thank you all!

If anybody would like some kind of help/tips you can message me here, or twitter or on my discord! I'm happy to help!

Some of you may well know, but this year was a very strange year for me.

I've published a real commercial game and it was quite well received!
Mars Power Industries was #1 best selling puzzle game in the US for a few days! :o


I've made this game with 3 of my friends, they helped me with programming and pixel sprites. We got featured by Apple as their Game of the Day and we were even featured for a day in Kazakhstan :D

My mom says selling the game for $2 is a blow to human dignity when we were working on it for a year. So we have to sell a lot of copies to make her happy. :o

The fun part is that I can't play it and none of my friends can. We don't have iPhones!

We've made an Android version for our families and our friends, just so they can play the game during the holidays. And here's the gift part of this post. We're preparing a Steam version of the game, and there's a publisher making a DELUXE version for Nintendo Switch but that will come later. For now, I have a few free copies of this game to giveaway!

Here's the game! For Android.

And here it is for iPhones.

And here are the codes to get the game for free! Please write in the comments when you take a code, so other people don't use the same code!

Android version:
DUN44FQ53FPS75ZKLLAK54T (taken)

iPhone version:

Thank you for your time, and have a great new year! :D



Posted by Rarykos - December 5th, 2018

Spin Spy: The Man Who Turned

You have a case, you will be doing mini puzzles to get clues to solve the big case. Image Professor Layton has a child with James Bond! (Who doesn't have a child with James Bond?) Okay that's a bad image, don't think about it.


I'm making this a series of 3 small games, a bit like episodes from Telltale's Walking Dead. This first episode is the smallest. It's only one linear case, episodes 2 and 3 will be more open! I hope it will be an interesting tale of turning spies and intrigue!




I'd love to hear what your CLASSIC SPY TROPES are, what kind of puzzles a spy would have to solve!

I'm working on the game almost every evening, if you'd like to see how it's doing, chat a little, and throw some ideas, you're welcome! :D Here's my discord! https://discord.gg/2JRjkku


Posted by Rarykos - December 2nd, 2018

Hey guys!

While I'm working on WORKidle and it's getting ready, I've started a new project!

A detective puzzle about rotating clues and TURNING SPIES!


Welcome to Spin Spy: The Man Who Turned.

Imagine Professor Layton has a child with James Bond...
(I mean who doesn't have a child with James Bond? )

Development discord - https://discord.gg/2JRjkku


The year is 1978, a mission in Austria goes terribly wrong, MI6's best agent Avocado Archibald, simply called A, dies in mysterious circumstances. The supervillain Maelstrom gets away and it turns out one of your friends in MI6 is a traitor who shot Archibald! But who is it?




Ignore the bear experiment.



It's a sock!. It's a clue! Hmm... What to do with a sock? Better spin it! It's the only thing you can do!

It's a small game!  A single episode. I'd like to make 3 episodes, now that I have the framework ready and all. Essentially it's a detective puzzle, or a brain teaser, one that you would tell a child and they will be stumped for a while and then they come back and say "Dad, mom says you can't tell me murder stories at bedtime"

Okay, that's all for now!

If you'd like to follow closer the development - here's the discord where I'll update regularly what's new in the game and some kind of discussions about it can actually take place! https://discord.gg/2JRjkku

Posted by Rarykos - May 25th, 2018


I'm working on this clicker game! :D Will be done soon!

There's also a puzzle game in the works that I'll finish sometime this month, and then a narrative interesting little thing, because I've been DYING to make one of those!

It's been a tough time recently, really exhausting, I just hope it will be all worth it...

In the meantime, what's keeping my morale high is this gif:

One day.....
one day I'll get there!