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real cute!

Hohoho nice!
Great animation :D

The ending got me :o

JWLustig responds:

Thanks for watching, Rarykos!

Fantastic art!
But the tone is all over the place. Senseless violence is fun when justified. Here we had two bad guys, being uncomfortable, killing innocents. No danger. No consequences. No meaning. And what's really important - no punishment. The thing with antiheroes is that we should see them suffer or they should have some likable traits. Instead we got Happy Tree Friends, Always Sunny or our own original Madness series, but without any interest in the characters, and the characters serve no overall purpose. The whole story felt like a joke that went on for so long that it forgot its punchline.

Plus when we've established that they're assholes, we can predict all the individual punchlines, soooo all the jokes fall flat now. That's bad.

A meets B. They fight. A wins. - that's a story, but it's a bad story. Gimme reasons, make me care, I'm not 15 anymore, I'm getting old here.

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Haha nice story and an intriguing game! I was expecting a simpler one, but wow!
Good job, it was fun! :D
And I'll steal your twine technology for my twine games :D

maruki responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!
Oh, and please do! If you want any piece of code to include something I used on your games, just PM me!

Haha the story got me!
I was expecting a simple game. But it was more polished and thought out than most LD games.
And then with the twist, oh man, good job!

dietzribi responds:

Glad you liked it! Thanks a lot!

Hey! Love the attitude in your text! Stellar game!
Some passages really well-written!
Make more! :D

kungfuspacebarbarian responds:

I will definitely make more! Thanks for playing and commenting :D

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Haha i love it! :D
Real good job on redoing everything from scratch :o

I don't mind the 7 year lag, best for the last

Geoplex responds:

Cheers man

Woah haven't heard your stuff in a loooong while!
Good to see you're still alive and kicking :D

Good track, good track!

Good! Again!

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Woah new favourite :D So cute and magical, i love that subtle blue glow <3

maruki responds:

Thank you! I had the idea of adding it right at the end, I'm glad it worked out :D

Such a cool sketch, wish I were you!

I love the shading, good job! :D

Anluka responds:

And I love you baby boy, I would check out your games but my pc died :'(

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