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Rarykos's News

Posted by Rarykos - November 11th, 2009

It's been more than 2 months since the last post so it's about time I said something.

So firstly, there's been a little change of plans. Pleiades 2 , In Other Words and Restorer will have to wait because I want to try something new. And that thing is called Demonic Bongo in Space (yes, the picture!). I think it will be done sometime at the end of november. As sad as that may be the engines for Pleiades and Restorer are almost done but I lack motivation :( .

I want to have 2 more games done this year, Bongo and probably Restorer but it's all about motivation. I have enough free time to create them but somehow I waste it and I have no idea where it goes :P Maybe I should stop doing whatever it is I'm doing and start drawing and programming. We'll see how it turns out.

I will work on In Other Words during Christmas break so it should be done in january.

Btw, so far l4d2 sucks. :P It's not really different from l4d but they want the same money. It's a bit fun but paying for something they promised to be free is gay! It's quite disappointing, characters are somehow dull and the only funny thing to do there is smashing your way through hordes of zombies with your trusty frying pan :D

So yeh, that's all about my plans.

How things have been.

Posted by Rarykos - September 7th, 2009

Looks like I created my first real game, it got sponsored and won an award!
A 3 day game made to take a break from other things motivated me to make a bigger one and a sequel.
You can see the bigger one here! (2 week game created alone) , and the sequel to it will be done in october.
I want to finish my entry for jayisgames competition before pleiades 2 but now games will be better!

Yes, it will be better, yes, your eyes wont hurt! :)

And a pretty picture from my next game, will be finished soon!

First REAL game!

Posted by Rarykos - August 16th, 2009

I just released my first game Pleiades !
I thought Restorer would be first, but I had to take a break , and thats how it was born.
Its a simple avoider, a bit unusual, its definitelly easy to finish. But the main idea is to finish without losing any lives, and THATS difficult but possible.
Id say its a nice game to spend 15 minutes with music from great milkman-dan .

Thanks to Timmy!

Theres nothing more to say, just go and play!

Posted by Rarykos - August 2nd, 2009

This is my first post. I just wanted to check how this works, but i had to write about something so i made a game.
Its nearing completion, all thats left to do is art so it will be finished this month. It looks messy now, but dont worry.
The game is a bit simple, a bit innovative, a bit difficult but it will make you play it at least 3 times :)

Thats all about the picture, im also creating a game with funkycaveman. Its even simpler, requires less thinking, and i hope it will be finished before my game. But i hope it wont be blammed! (because its a nice game :P )