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aah the colours are fantastic!
Nice animation :D

Arja responds:

Thank you so much!!

Felipe,my boy, it's good stuff!

Really fun stuff here!

real cute!

Hohoho nice!
Great animation :D

The ending got me :o

JWLustig responds:

Thanks for watching, Rarykos!

Fantastic art!
But the tone is all over the place. Senseless violence is fun when justified. Here we had two bad guys, being uncomfortable, killing innocents. No danger. No consequences. No meaning. And what's really important - no punishment. The thing with antiheroes is that we should see them suffer or they should have some likable traits. Instead we got Happy Tree Friends, Always Sunny or our own original Madness series, but without any interest in the characters, and the characters serve no overall purpose. The whole story felt like a joke that went on for so long that it forgot its punchline.

Plus when we've established that they're assholes, we can predict all the individual punchlines, soooo all the jokes fall flat now. That's bad.

A meets B. They fight. A wins. - that's a story, but it's a bad story. Gimme reasons, make me care, I'm not 15 anymore, I'm getting old here.

Still can't get over your Bojack episode :<

aalong64 responds:

I'm doing more next season!

Liked how much Twilight Zoney it was. Part one and two were interesting, good buildup, but sadly part three fizzled out. I was waiting for something interesting to happen and in the end nothing interesting happened. The twist with that expectation is an okay idea, but needs more setup and more tension, should make me actually surprised and should take me for a ride.

I enjoyed the art style and movement, just wished it was 15 seconds longer and didn't fizzle out by the end. Good effort!

Damn this style, why you so good, my man?

Honestly, the first 30 seconds made me feel I was watching a 20 minute episode of an awesome cartoon! Then the sudden end hit and I laughed :D
What's funny is you can imagine a whole series based on this concept and art. Feels like watching Sublo & Tangy, great work!

Mosh-Bit-Cartoons responds:

Yeah my original idea was to have a more long-form one-off cartoon. But instead I'm going to do a mini-series of quick one-gag bits. A lot of thought went into the concept so I'm glad you're picking up on that!

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